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Intel Brief on Russian Nuclear Missile Tests


Date: 02/10/2023


  • Russia, Barents Sea

Who’s involved:

  • Russian Government, International Aviation.

What happened?

  • Russia is potentially testing their new nuclear powered missiles over the Barents Sea in the near future. These missiles use nuclear energy to propel themselves theoretically thousands of miles. It is important to note that during tests, there are no actual nuclear warheads on the missiles, although these missiles are capable of carrying such warheads.

  • The missiles are 12 meters long and 1,5 meters in circumference, and are claimed to be capable of hypersonic speeds.


  • The threat to international aviation comes from the threat of mid air collision with either the flying missile, but mostly the debris caused by a test gone wrong.

  • The missiles are in an early testing phase, and thus are very unpredictable. There is a real chance of the tests going out of control, leading the missiles to potentially fly uncontrolled for thousands of miles.

  • Due to the secretive nature of the missiles and their tests, there is a danger in not knowing when and exactly where these tests are conducted.

  • If a test/flight goes wrong, the missiles have the potential to spread radioactive emissions, due to the nuclear material powering the missiles.


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Intel Brief on Russian Nuclear Missile Tests
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