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Putting people first

Dyami's social enterprise approach

A social enterprise

At Dyami, we're not just a security and intelligence provider – we're a social enterprise with a profound commitment to putting people at the forefront of our mission. Our journey is driven by the belief that security and intelligence services should be accessible, collaborative, and socially responsible.


Let's explore what makes Dyami a social enterprise that truly prioritizes 

Recent accomplishments:
Making a difference


Our track record speaks volumes about our dedication to social responsibility:

  • Evacuation and early warning reports regarding Conflict Zones: We have successfully evacuated expatriates from war-torn regions and countries facing sudden civil unrest. Our commitment to ensuring the safety of individuals in perilous situations is unwavering.

  • Assistance during Pandemic and Lockdowns: When the global pandemic struck and lockdowns stranded travelers, including business professionals, we stepped up to assist those in need. Our efforts went beyond traditional boundaries to support those facing unprecedented challenges.

  • Aiding Dutch Citizens in Kabul: During a critical evacuation operation in Kabul, Afghanistan, we provided essential support to over 250 Dutch citizens. Our dedication to helping people, especially in dire circumstances, remains a cornerstone of our approach.

  • Supporting people who needed support during crisis evacuations in regions like Ukraine, Sudan, and Israel. 

Our founder and CEO:

A catalyst for change

Dyami was founded in 2019 by Eric Schouten, an entrepreneur and leader with a unique blend of expertise and compassion. Eric's background as a liaison officer at the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service - AIVD laid the foundation for his commitment to offering bespoke security and intelligence services. 

Eric's experiences in the aftermath of 9/11, and later in his career with espionage cases, terrorist plots, and tragic incidents like the MH17 disaster, drove him to establish Dyami. He recognized the need to make security and intelligence services accessible and cost-effective for organizations of all sizes.

After registering Dyami, Eric formed an ambitious team of analysts and very experienced hand-picked experts who all have a dedication to making an impact, from early in their career, out of university, to the ones with a long-standing career working for all kinds of government organizations.

Our core values:
collaboration and accessibility


At Dyami, we embody our core values through action:

  • Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and expertise-sharing. By bringing together diverse skills and knowledge, we create holistic solutions that address multifaceted challenges.

  • Accessibility: Security and intelligence should not be exclusive privileges. We are committed to breaking down barriers and making our services accessible to businesses, individuals, and organizations that need them.

  • Social Responsibility: We stand by our commitment to social responsibility. When others need help, we step forward without hesitation, leveraging our expertise to make a positive impact.

Join us in our mission


When you partner with Dyami, you're not just accessing security and intelligence services – you're joining a movement that puts people first. Our social enterprise approach ensures that every action we take is guided by a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.


Make impact
count on us
Want to learn more on how we can help you?

Explore our services and learn more about how Dyami can support your security and intelligence needs. Contact us to discover how we can collaborate to create a safer, more secure future together.


We're a social enterprise with a profound commitment to putting people at the forefront of our mission.

Tom Franke - Director Operations

Make impact with dyami

Dyami is the Native American word for eagle, the majestic bird of prey. Strong, elegant and with a razor sharp eye for the big picture as well as the tiniest detail below.t's easy.

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