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Analyzing Data

Strategic Security

Security Risk Assessments

On-demand analysis 

Commercial Intelligence

Managing risks and threats is always a priority when doing business, but most organisations do not have the need for a dedicated risk/threat analyst.

Dyami is ready to assist you for any risk/threat assessment you may require.

Contact us when you are faced with an unclear situation or a new venture of opportunity where you need an extra pair of eyes to assess how to proceed.

Dyami's experience in investigation and intelligence is an invaluable tool for commercial intelligence and risk/threat assessments. 

It is one of the ways we help your organisation thrive, safely and successfully.

What's in our reports

Each report contains a basic set of elements. For client-specific reports, additional elements may be included. 

Every report is in-depth and as complete as possible but in a clearly readable format, even for people without a background in security. This is necessary for you to be able to get a quick grasp of the situation, anticipate and make the right decisions quickly.

Geopolitical forecasting

Dyami is specialised in geographically-based risk/threat assessments. Find out more here:

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