Strategic Security

Emergency Response

& Evacuation

Whenever threats become critical

Emergency Response

Dyami is available to clients to provide emergency response action and assistance.

Proper reaction to emergencies starts with the availability of a well-designed Emergency Response Plan (ERP). We assist organisations in designing tailor-made ERPs, implementing them and training personnel to follow ERP procedures.

Emergencies can occur at any time and the nature of the emergency — and whether the incident qualifies as an emergency — is highly dependent on the specific organisation.

For instance, theft of IP or a cyber attack may qualify as an emergency for an innovative startup. It is necessary to act swiftly and correctly in these cases.

For clients with an emergency response support contract with Dyami, we are available 24/7.

Dyami action and support can vary from boots on the ground to remote support.

Emergency Response is available both locally and abroad.

Emergency Evacuation

Under a variety of circumstances, we can arrange and support the evacuation of personnel or travellers in danger and ensure they get to a designated safe haven.

Examples of circumstances that may warrant evacuation are:

  • civil unrest

  • military uprisings

  • demonstrations

  • environmental concerns

  • natural disasters

  • terrorist attacks

  • political regime action

We obtain ground truth information about the area before the emergency and disaster mission starts. At the same time, we develop basecamp accommodation and logistic resources and establish a list of essential items and facilities which cannot be obtained locally.

For travellers stranded abroad or personnel  in high-risk areas, we can provide evacuation to a safe region.

Emergency Responder Support

Emergency (first) responders pay little attention to their own personal safety. Our operators can support emergency responders by guarding their personal safety so they can focus on their own expertise as much as possible.