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Emergency Response

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Whenever threats become critical

Emergency Response


Dyami is available to clients to provide emergency response action and assistance.

The proper reaction to emergencies starts with the availability of a well-designed Emergency Response Plan (ERP). We assist organizations in designing tailor-made ERPs, implementing them, and training personnel to follow ERP procedures.

Emergencies can occur at any time, and the nature of the emergency — and whether the incident qualifies as an emergency — highly depends on the specific organization.

For clients with an emergency response support contract with Dyami, we are available 24/7.

Our Tracking Platform allows us to track our clients online and sorts out relevant risk information based on user location so that they are notified of incidents that require their action. 


Dyami action and support can vary from boots on the ground to remote support. We obtain ground truth information about the area before the emergency and disaster mission starts. 


Case: The 2021 Kabul Evacuation 

On Sunday, the 15th of August 2021, amid the Taliban takeover of Kabul, Afghanistan, part of Dyami's team started working to support people evacuating the city. With a conference speaker always on and surrounded by whiteboards, multiple screens, and a myriad of papers, the team worked day and night to ensure that over 250 people weren’t left alone in a city that went from hospitable to hostile overnight.


Crisis management has been the keyword. Whom to call, where to stay, what to look out for, and what security measures to keep in mind. The responsible team made an effort to keep in contact with both the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the people on the ground in Kabul, who had been anxiously waiting for instructions for days, sharing easy security tips with them, maintaining the information flow, and offering mental support in an indubitably stressful situation.

Dyami Ops Room Kabul 2021_edited.jpg
Count on us

Dyami is proud of our diverse and experienced team which consists of former intelligence officers, military and civilian pilots, diplomats,  security managers, business operations and academics with a background in war studies, conflict studies, geopolitics and anthropology.

Our unique global network of intelligence, aviation and security specialists is within reach to support any emergency response mission.

Some recent accomplishments

  • We evacuated expatriates from war zones and countries with sudden civil unrest. 

  • We have helped stranded (business) travellers trapped by the effects of the global pandemic and lockdowns. 

  • We supported over 250 dutch citizens during one of the most discussed evacuations in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Find out how we can keep your operations safe anywhere in the world
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