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Security Intelligence as a Service

an affordable people-centric security solution 

Safeguard your security environment

Dyami offers a comprehensive one-stop Security Risk & Intelligence Management solution to assist decision-makers and security managers in enhancing their capabilities and capacity, streamlining operations, and bolstering security measures.

Our solution aims to provide an affordable, people-centric, and holistic approach to security risk management, resulting in more informed security and business operations.

At Dyami, we believe in creating cost-effective resilience by offering - Security Intelligence as a Service - a low-cost security solution for companies and organizations.

Dyami acts as your organization's security department. Clients who choose the Dyami security as a service subscription receive comprehensive access to our security and analyst specialists, who are like part of your team. 

Safeguard your people, operations, and assets!

Security as a Service

Access to our security and analyst expertise
via a simple but bespoke membership:

  • Direct access to our analyst & security experts

  • Threat monitoring Social Media and beyond

  • Bespoke Early warning alerts

  • Bespoke Security Risk Assessments

  • Bespoke Geopolitical reporting

  • Security advice

  • Travel Safety support

  • Dedicated liaison to your organization

  • Security meetings and briefings

  • Access to our global intelligence and security
    network of experts

  • Standby crisis response support

  • Duty of care policy consultancy

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Stay informed and Stay alert



We help you become more resilient!

Victor Kummeling - Security Risk Consultant

Victor Kummeling m
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