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Strategic Security Intelligence

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Geopolitical forecasting

Bespoke Intelligence and Analyses

Risk analyses for every region

In our contemporary multipolar world, political situations and local realities are changing continuously. Ranging from geopolitical powerplays to localized conflicts, keeping track of regional and global developments is becoming more vital to those who are interested in operating abroad. 

If you operate globally, you have to prepare for the impact of unforeseen events in every region of interest. This means having specialized access to expertise in business risk and resilience to remain constantly aware and updated with global intelligence.

A crucial aspect of due diligence in the planning of international ventures is to develop a comprehensive understanding of possible threats and conflicted issues that may arise through foreign interest, presence in unfamiliar settings, or even inevitable political change. 

Dyami offers various options for threat and geopolitical analyses, which are always customized to your needs. 

What is in our reports


Our systematic security risk & and intelligence management-led approach helps you to anticipate and respond to actual or potential threats.

Therefore you can develop better preventive measures,
reducing costs and staying competitive.

Inform your decision-makers

We monitor key geopolitical trends and deliver early warning reporting on emerging risks. Our products are clear and straightforward to support management in global policy and decision-making.

We are committed to making quality analysis on key global issues accessible and affordable.

Safeguard your investments
Unveil the future

We strive to make holistic yet straightforward analyses that help leadership understand complex global environments.

Alessia Cappelletti - Lead Analyst

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Make informed decisions

Our diverse and international expert team provides the insights you need to proactively address risk and ensures you stay on top of the geopolitical risk landscape.

Therefore enabling your operation while keeping your staff safe and secure.

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How Dyami provides peace of mind

Dyami helps organisations protect themselves, their employees and the people they arrange travel for when traveling abroad. In addition to actual protective measures on a trip, a solid foundation at the organisational level is needed. 

We are all about making worrying about security a thing of the past for your organisation and providing a seamless service for you and those who travel in your care.

Ensuring safe & secure travel
  • Design and implement secure travel policies & procedures

  • Travel advice and risk assessments

  • Briefings on espionage and situational awareness

  • Train your travel managers and travelers regarding security, safety awareness, and resilience

  • Provide physical protection of people and assets

  • Emergency response and local evacuation

  • Continuous monitoring and alerting of conflict zones

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