Strategic Security



Safe and successful entrepeneuring and travel abroad

Doing business abroad

Bringing your innovative vision to life is what gives you energy and motivation. Doing so internationally even more so. Worrying about threats and risks probably does not.

Our mission at Dyami is to free you from worry about these threats and risks and let you focus on what you do best. We use our wealth of expertise to support your organisation with tailor-made service and at exceptionally cost-effective rates.

International business provides many opportunities, but there are also inherent risks:

  • Physical distance increases reaction times

  • Less familiarity with and awareness of local threats

  • Duty of care: your responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of your people becomes more difficult

  • Protecting your IP, people and assets is much more complex

  • Assessing the intentions and background of potential partners, clients, suppliers and employees is much more difficult

Protecting the assets of your organisation is crucial, especially abroad. This is true for your people, you IP and sensitive data and your physical assets such as facilities and equipment.

Important aspects

There are many aspects involved with safely doing business internationally. We take care of all of them.