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Safe and successful entrepeneurship and travel abroad

Doing business abroad
In a world that's increasingly interconnected yet riddled with uncertainty, safeguarding your business and employees on the global stage has never been more crucial. 

Why Dyami Security Intelligence?

At Dyami Security Intelligence, we recognize the unique challenges businesses face when operating internationally. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to your specific needs, enabling you to operate confidently in even the most dynamic environments. Here's what sets us apart:

> Geopolitical Forecasting Membership

With the world in constant flux, having insights into geopolitical risks can mean the difference between success and setbacks. Our membership offers:

  • Geopolitical Intelligence:
    Stay ahead of geopolitical shifts and emerging threats. Our experts analyze global events, political trends, and economic fluctuations, providing you with actionable intelligence to inform your decisions.

  • Customized Insights:
    We understand that n
    ot all businesses are the same. That's why our forecasts are tailored to your industry, operations, and geographical footprint. You'll receive insights that matter to your unique situation.

  • Risk Mitigation:
    By anticipating potential risks, you can proactively implement strategies to mitigate them. Our forecasts empower you to adjust your business plans, investments, and operations accordingly.



> Travel Risk Management

When your employees travel for business, their safety is important. Our Travel Risk Management services offer a holistic approach to travel security:

  • Comprehensive Assessments:
    Before your employees embark on their journeys, we conduct thorough assessments of the destination's security situation. This empowers you to make informed decisions about travel feasibility and necessary precautions.

  • Early warning alerts:
    Stay informed about potential disruptions, security incidents, and travel advisories. Our timely alerts ensure your employees' safety is never compromised.

  • Emergency Support:
    In the event of unforeseen challenges, our support is just a call away.



There are many aspects involved with safely doing business internationally. We take care of all of them.

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We enable you to embrace international opportunities while mitigating risks.

Meggi Deltrap -
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