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Train the Trainer

Where storytelling takes center stage

Train the trainer course

Welcome to our Train the Trainer course: where storytelling takes center stage, and confidence-building through theatre techniques is our forte.

Are you ready to transform into a captivating storyteller and a confident facilitator? Our immersive Train the Trainer program is designed to equip you with the skills and techniques needed to engage, inspire, and empower your audience through the art of storytelling.

Why choose our training?

At our training, we believe that storytelling is a powerful tool for effective communication and learning. Whether you're training a group of employees, leading a workshop, or delivering a presentation, the ability to tell compelling stories can capture attention, convey messages, and leave a lasting impact.

Led by experienced facilitators with a background in both storytelling and theater, our program offers a dynamic blend of theory and practice. Through interactive exercises, role-playing, and improvisation, you'll learn how to craft and deliver stories that resonate with your audience, create memorable learning experiences, and foster meaningful connections.

Comprehensive skill-building

But our training goes beyond just storytelling. We understand that standing in front of a group can be daunting, even for the most experienced trainers. That's why we integrate theater techniques to help you build confidence, overcome stage fright, and command the room with presence and charisma. From voice projection to body language, from breathing exercises to stage presence, you'll develop the skills and techniques needed to own the stage and deliver impactful presentations with poise and confidence.

Hands-on learning

Whether you're a seasoned trainer looking to enhance your skills or a novice trainer stepping into the spotlight for the first time, our Train the Trainer course offers a supportive and nurturing environment for growth and development. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your full potential as a storyteller, trainer, and leader.

Improve your confidence
engage and inspire 
Charlotte Bakker Trainer Actress Dyami

Unlock your full potential as a storyteller, trainer, and leader.

Charlotte Bakker - head of training

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Investing in the training skills of your trainers is an investment in your organization's training capabilities. To learn more about our training program and how it can benefit your team, reach out to us now!

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