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Safe & Secure Travel

Safeguard your employees

Train your staff on security and safety

Safe and secure travel training

Traveling abroad can be stressful. For some, the flight is an initial source of stress, and not every person enjoys a stay in a foreign country.


​Dyami provides basic tools and insights for everyone involved in travel to make their trips as safe, secure, and enjoyable as possible. Some of the comprehensive lessons include:

  • Introduction to Threats

  • Building Awareness

  • Travel Security: Travel preparation, Transport & Residence Safety

  • Risk mitigation and reduction

  • Digital Security & Espionage

  • Stress Management and Behavior

  • Dealing with Dangerous Situations

  • Risk Identification and Mitigation

  • How to protect sensitive information

  • Tips and tricks

Learning objective

To build our awareness and use it to keep ourselves more safe while traveling.

Who should take this course? 


For travel professionals, business travelers, leisure travelers,  and organizations.


Register yourself or your team now. Join a planned course, or we will provide tailor-made training for your organization. Contact us to learn more.

Elevate your duty
empower your care

Awareness, Information, and Preparation are essential for all travelers. That is why our training centers on these themes, to help you make your trips as safe, secure and enjoyable as possible

Training with dyami
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Register yourself or your team now. Join a planned course or we will provide tailor-made training for your organization.

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How Dyami provides peace of mind

Dyami helps organisations protect themselves, their employees and the people they arrange travel for when traveling abroad. In addition to actual protective measures on a trip, a solid foundation at the organisational level is needed. 

We are all about making worrying about security a thing of the past for your organisation and providing a seamless service for you and those who travel in your care.

Ensuring safe & secure travel
  • Design and implement secure travel policies & procedures

  • Travel advice and risk assessments

  • Briefings on espionage and situational awareness

  • Train your travel managers and travelers regarding security, safety awareness, and resilience

  • Provide physical protection of people and assets

  • Emergency response and local evacuation

  • Continuous monitoring and alerting of conflict zones

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