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The Dyami Academy provides security training that is designed not only to teach individuals and businesses about security but also to help them understand security. Understand its importance, its objectives, and its applications. That is why we focus on making our training practical, we believe in engaging storytelling, so our participants develop a security mindset to keep themselves and their businesses more safe and secure

Training we provide

Enhanced Services


Engaging Speaking Engagements

Elevate your events by engaging our founder, Eric Schouten. Known for his dynamic delivery, he brings a reservoir of security expertise to your audience.

Bespoke Training

Our modular approach enables us to craft personalized training experiences. We can seamlessly integrate your organization's policies, making training sessions highly pertinent.

Flexible Location Options

Whether you prefer on-site training or wish for us to suggest a venue, our team is equipped to accommodate both. Your comfort is our priority.

Great stories catch us off guard. They get us thinking and feeling. They linger in our thoughts, helping us recall ideas and concepts in a way that a PowerPoint full of bar charts just can't match.

Our trainers are there to help you
achieve your goals.

Charlotte Bakker - head of training

Training with dyami
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About Charlotte Bakker, head of training

Charlotte is also a versatile training actress at Dyami Academy, bringing experience and creativity to the realm of security and awareness improvement. With a strong foundation in theater and a background as a director of theater shows, Charlotte seamlessly blends her theatrical and educational talents with her commitment to enhancing security awareness across diverse organizations, including the aviation sector, businesses, and NGOs.

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