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Sustainable Business & Travel Security

Dyami gave a Travel Safety & Security Masterclass with the beautiful backdrop of a Boeing 747 at the Corendon Hotels & Resorts.

Organised by Odete Pimenta da Silva from NATM | Netherlands Association for Travel Management. Dyami consultants Mohammad Alweshahi, Zoë Bremer and CEO Eric Schouten had a great time discussing the challenges of #travelriskmanagement with the attendees;

- How to keep your employees safe while travelling

- The importance of adding security to your travel policy

- Involving leadership and securing security budgets

- Geopolitical forecasting, preparation and awareness

- Keeping track of business travellers and their safety

- Dealing with threats like an upcoming crisis, espionage, conflicts etc.

The most important takeaway is that Travel Risk Management should be part of the sustainable business program in any organisation. Keeping people safe and secure is a top priority.

Thanks to everybody for making this an amazing day, by sharing your stories, experiences and thoughts!!



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