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Dyami aviation

Aviation Security Management course

A comprehensive five-day course

A JAA TO and Dyami Collaboration

In the ever-evolving aviation sector, security stands paramount. Ensuring the safety and integrity of operations necessitates a profound understanding of potential threats, the resilience to counteract them, and the astuteness to remain compliant.

In partnership with the Joint Aviation Authority Training Organisation (JAA TO) and Dyami, this course offers aviation personnel, especially those involved in AvSec, Security Management, SeMS, and Airport Security, a profound understanding of their pivotal role in fortifying an organization's security posture.


Participants will gain insights into:

- Their key responsibilities in formulating and sustaining a security and internal quality control program, derived from the pressing laws and regulations specific to aviation security.
- The contemporary and evolving threats against civil aviation and the strategic measures required to diminish security vulnerabilities affecting the entire aviation system.

The curriculum adheres to the cutting-edge stipulations laid out in ICAO Annex 17, as well as the European regulation for Aviation Security (EC 300/2008 and EC 2015/1998). Over a span of five days, attendees will master a risk-based strategy to bolster resilience and achieve AvSec compliance within their organizations. Join us on this transformative journey to reinforce the backbone of aviation – its security.

Safe & Secure
Flight Operation
Making aviation more secure
Make aviation more secure

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security managers have to be equipped in a holistic approach to risk management to counter the evolving threat
in aviation security

Tom Franke - Director Operations

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