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Airlines and charter operators operate in an environment of increasing security challenges, including emerging threats and complex regulatory requirements.

In this ever-evolving aviation landscape, ensuring the safety and security of passengers, crew, and assets remains paramount.

Dyami offers a comprehensive One-Stop Aviation Security Solution to assist aviation security officers and dispatchers in enhancing their capabilities and capacity, streamlining operations, and bolstering security measures. Our solution aims to provide an affordable holistic approach to security risk management that results in more secure and efficient airline or charter operations.



Membership at Dyami gives you access to a range of products and services to build a secure, compliant, and resilient organization. Our bespoke services linked to your membership are available on demand through a single contract and subscription fee.

Solutions for

We use our knowledge of airline operations to help you to identify the gaps in your management system. Together with our experts, we build a strong and resilient safety and security culture that fits your specific needs. 

We help to define and implement a holistic approach to airport safety and security operations. Seamless for all involved stakeholders, where we put people first.



We partner with States to improve aviation safety and security oversight capabilities by providing expert guidance and assistance.

We make new business opportunities possible. Security as an enabler for further growth.


We provide expert-level aviation security management courses.

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Dyami was founded in 2019. Founder and CEO

Eric Schouten worked as an aviation intelligence officer at the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service - AIVD. After a career of 13 years, he left with the aim of offering unique bespoke security & intelligence services to the aviation sector.


Eric believes in collaboration and bringing expertise together. After his experiences with the attacks in New York during 9/11, espionage cases, and various terrorist plots and attacks, including the disaster with flight MH17, he established Dyami to ensure that security & intelligence services are made available in an accessible and cost-effective manner.

Making aviation more secure
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Our diverse and international expert team consists of aviation security experts, former intelligence officers, military and civilian pilots, flight and ground operation specialists, diplomats, and analysts with a background in geopolitics & and conflict studies, security risk management, and international relations.

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How Dyami provides peace of mind

Authorities, passengers, aviation underwriters, and aircraft brokers have an increased interest in how aircraft operators implement their security risk management system.


We offer specialized access to our expertise in the intricacies of aviation business risk and resilience, to remain constantly aware. We keep you up to date on global events, intelligence, aviation security regulations, and beyond.

Aviation Risk Management

Our systematic security risk & intelligence management-led approach helps you better anticipate and respond to impacts from actual or potential developments. 


Therefore you become better in your preventive measures resulting in reducing costs and enable you to keep your passengers, crew and aircraft safe.

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