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Strategic Security

Security as a Service

a low-cost security solution for companies

Safeguard your security environment

Global risks and challenges have increased dramatically. Yet the opportunities to expand & operate worldwide have grown too.

Regarding security, there is one common problem for most small & medium-sized businesses:  In-house security expertise is a costly product, and it is hard to hire and maintain security professionals.

At dyami we believe in creating cost-effective resilience by offering - Security as a Service - a low-cost security solution for companies

Dyami acts as the security department for your organisation.

Clients who choose the dyami security as a service subscription receive comprehensive access to our security and analyst specialists like we are part of your team. 

Safeguard your people, operations and assets!

Security as a Service

Access to our security and analyst expertise
via a simple but bespoke subscription:

  • Early warning alerts

  • Bespoke Security Risk Assessment

  • Bespoke Geopolitical & Security Reporting

  • Security advice

  • Travel Safety support

  • Online traveller tracking

  • Dedicated liaison to your organisation

  • Security meetings and briefings

  • Access to our global intelligence and security
    network of experts

  • Standby crisis response support

  • Duty of care policy consultancy

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Stay informed and Stay alert

We help you become more resilient!

Partnering with Dyami

At Dyami we believe in a human-centric approach. We value deep client relationships by building on trust, collaboration, flexibility and respect.

Count on us

Dyami is proud of our diverse and experienced team that consists of former intelligence officers, security risk managers, diplomats, business operations, travel managers and academics with a background in war studies, conflict studies, geopolitics and anthropology.

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