Aviation Security

Route & Destination

Threat Analysis

Overflight, destination and alternates

Safety = planning ahead

The actual flight is where everything comes together. Your security policies, procedures and insights. But threats along the flight route, destination and possible enroute alternates change every day.

Dyami has a very experienced team of in-house analysts and experts who monitor (emerging) conflict zones worldwide. We also make on-demand intelligence & threat assessments for any location in the world.


Is it safe for your crew to layover or get stranded in case of AOG?


What is the actual situation regarding (geo)political factors, crime, corruption, espionage, terrorism or health risks?


Our extensive reports are easily understandable in order to allow you to anticipate properly and make better critical decisions.

For high-risk operations, we can also arrange physical protection or rescue and evacuation.

Clear and concise reporting

Dyami already uses our in-house analysts to monitor existing and emerging conflict zones. We do continuous and client-specific Regional Threat Analyses (RTA). For more information on RTA reports:

For the aviation industry, we provide additional information and alerting with regards to regions for overflight purposes. 

Contingency Planning

As part of the Duty of Care responsibility towards your crew, personnel and clients, you need to ensure that not only your planned destination and alternates are safe to land, but also any en-route alternates. 

This is usually taken into account with regards to weather and aircraft performance, but you need to plan for the possibility of an AOG, and a stranded crew with regard to the local security situation.

Overflight Security

Continuous monitoring and real-time alerting of conflict zones along your route are crucial to the safety of your flights. 

Dyami has long been involved with intelligence sharing and providing the necessary alerting to operators. Situations change quickly, so quick response is key.

Our reports include ground-air threat and air domain analysis.