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Aviation Security

Route & Destination

Risk Assessments

Overflight, destination and alternates

Safety = planning ahead
Safe flight operations

Uncertainty and volatility have become the norm in today's interconnected world. Threats along the flight route, destination, and possible en-route alternates change every day. Stay ahead of geopolitical risks if you conduct global flight operations.


At Dyami, we believe in a human-centric approach while making assessments. Our expert team provides the insights you need to proactively address your risks and ensures you stay on top of the geopolitical and aviation risk landscape.


Dyami has an experienced team of in-house analysts and experts who monitor (emerging) conflict zones worldwide. We use a mix of closed and open sources and are proud of our network to utilize human intelligence sources in our assessments.

We provide support to your security officer, leadership, dispatcher, or sales staff to help them anticipate properly and make better critical decisions.


We deliver on-demand security risk and threat assessments for any location in the world. With a focus on overflight risks during flight operations. An assessment contains actionable intelligence to ensure a safe and secure operation. Our crew briefings help your crew with their situational awareness so they are better prepared for their trip.

Made in accordance with the requirements of ICAO:

  • Aviation Security Manual (Doc. 8973 - Restricted)

  • Risk Assessment Manual for Civil Aircraft Operations Over or Near Conflict Zones (Doc. 10084)


Overflight Security

Continuous monitoring and alerting of conflict zones along your route are crucial to the safety of your flights. 

Dyami has long been involved with intelligence sharing and providing the necessary alerting to operators. Situations change quickly, so a quick response is key.

Our Operations department is actively monitoring the developments of conflict zones across the globe.

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