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One-stop aviation security solution

Airlines & charter operators operate in an environment of increasing security challenges, including emerging threats and complex regulatory requirements. In this ever-evolving aviation landscape, ensuring the safety and security of passengers, crew, and assets remains paramount.

Dyami offers a comprehensive One-Stop Aviation Security Solution to assist aviation security officers & dispatchers in enhancing their capabilities and capacity, streamlining operations, and bolstering security measures.


Our solution aims to provide an affordable holistic approach to security risk management that results in more secure and efficient airline or charter operations.

Authorities, passengers, aviation underwriters, and aircraft brokers have an increased interest in how aircraft operators implement their security risk management system.

We offer specialized access to our expertise in the intricacies of aviation business risk and resilience, to remain constantly aware. We keep you up to date on global events, intelligence, aviation security regulations, and beyond.

Our systematic security risk & intelligence management-led approach helps you better anticipate and respond to impacts from actual or potential developments. 

Therefore you become better in your preventive measures resulting in reducing costs and enabling you to keep your passengers, crew, and aircraft safe.


Your challenge

Managing aviation operations in a complex world is a challenge. Ensuring the continuity of a safe and secure operation with limited resources can be demanding.

What we do

We act as your security department supporting your security officer and dispatchers.

We help to build an effective security culture tailored to your operational needs,

by providing support with:

  • on-call and direct support for all your security-related questions

  • developing security strategies and policies

  • bespoke risk assessments for routes and destinations

  • crew briefings, training, and support

  • implementing and auditing security measures

Our first step is sharing knowledge. We provide trusted knowledge experts and trainers from multiple disciplines, including aviation safety and security, airline (cargo) operations, pilots, cabin crew, ground handling, intelligence, foreign affairs, defense, and law enforcement.

We maintain our operational mindset. We keep a close eye on people, processes, and culture to ensure that your procedures are both practical and dynamic.

Security & Intelligence Risk Management is at the heart of Dyami. We assess the risks involved holistically to ensure that there is the right balance between operational excellence and a safe and secure operation. It’s your license to operate.

Dyami is your affordable one-stop solution for secure operations all over the world.

Route and Destination Risk Assessments

Uncertainty and volatility have become the norm in today's interconnected world. Threats along the flight route, destination, and possible en-route alternates change every day. Stay ahead of geopolitical risks if you conduct global flight operations.

At Dyami, we believe in a human-centric approach while making assessments.

Our expert team provides the insights you need to proactively address your risks and ensures you stay on top of the geopolitical and aviation risk landscape.

Dyami has an experienced team of in-house analysts and experts who monitor (emerging) conflict zones worldwide. We use a mix of closed & open sources and are proud of our network to utilize human intelligence sources in our assessments.

We provide support to your security officer, dispatcher, or sales staff to help them anticipate properly and make better critical decisions.

We deliver on-demand security risk & threat assessments for any location in the world. With a focus on overflight risks during flight operations. An assessment contains actionable intelligence to ensure a safe and secure operation. While our crew briefings help your crew with their situational awareness so they are better prepared for their trip.


Crisis & Emergency Response

Dyami is available to clients to provide emergency response action and assistance.

​Emergencies can occur at any time. Dyami action and support can vary from boots on the ground to remote support. We obtain ground truth information about the area before the emergency and disaster mission starts.


We offer our aviation security services via a monthly BASIC or FULL membership, billed as a prepaid six-month or annual subscription.

Choose a plan that works for you >>

When selecting a membership plan for our One-stop Aviation Security Membership, we encourage you to consider the unique needs and priorities of your organization.

Our membership plans are designed to cater to a range of requirements, from comprehensive security features to budget-conscious options. If you are seeking a balance between security enhancements and cost-effectiveness, our BASIC Plan provides essential security features and access to our security services, reports, and expert team. Our FULL Plan is ideal if you want to get extended security capabilities including bespoke security manual support or increased use of assessments.

Rest assured, regardless of the plan you choose, our commitment to enhancing your security and operational efficiency remains unwavering. We're here to assist you in making an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your objectives.

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