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John Korver joins Team Dyami as Aviation Security Specialist

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

As you might know, Dyami's roots lay in providing Aviation Security Services. Our aim is to provide high-end aviation expertise through partnerships and the combination of many years of operational knowledge in this field.

That is why it is our pleasure to announce that Dyami will be partnering with John Korver from ProAvsec International, to offer his aviation security expertise through our holistic array of authentic services.

John Korver has been at the forefront of the aviation security industry for over 30 years with wide executive-level experience in airport security. He was responsible for upgrading airport security and modification the airport's security concept at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, to effectively meet present and anticipated threats. An important aspect of John Korver's career was to continuously ensure strict compliance with all international and local security requirements.

Formerly he was responsible for global security operations in addition to heading up quality, audit, and training activities. He was responsible for the security process of high-risk flights at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, in close relation with the Ministry of Justice, Netherlands, and the TSA. He has extensive experience developing and implementing airport security concepts, conducting audits, risk assessments, managing people in the security environment, and client relations.

John is committed to finding the optimum efficient and effective solutions. Passionate about aviation security he fits right in the Dyami team.

Are you interested in how we can help you run your aviation operation safely and securely? Feel free to contact Eric Schouten or Tom Franke now!

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