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ECBB chooses Dyami's Intelligence Solution

Utrecht, 13 October 2022

This week Dyami was at the Heras Static Show. An event for #securityprofessionals organised by ECBB ( and Heras.

Folkert Roosjen as Founder of ECBB en Dyami's CEO Eric Schouten announced the implementation of Dyami's Intelligence and Analyst solution into ECBB's Security Risk Management Services.

Dyami's Intelligence Consultant Mohammad Alweshahi presented a keynote based on this experience at the Central Intelligence Agency indicating the need for continued collaboration against a persistent set of threats that can only be overcome with collaboration; anything less would only raise the level of risk for everyone. Fitting perfectly with the message of Folkert and Heras's Johan Van Den Wittenboer that #collaboration is critical.

The message from Dyami during the two-day event was that geopolitical forecasting, early warning and an employee travel security program should be in place at any organisation operating abroad.

Are you interested in our services? Or want to get in touch with one of our staff members who were present at this event?

Do not hesitate to contact us now! Count on us.


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