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Early Warning: unrest in Suriname

Written by Daan Vegter & Adriaan Kolkman


Date: 20/12/2023


Parties involved: 

  • NDP party 

  • Mr Desiré Delano Bouterse 

  • Suriname Judicial Courthouse 

  • Suriname Police 

  • Protest groups (pro Bouterse/NDP)

  • General looters/criminals 

The Event: 

On 20/12/2023,  the final court hearing of the case against Mr Bouterse and fellow suspects in the 8 December Process will be held. Within society there are concerns that any outcome of the court ruling may cause social unrest

Analysis and implications: 

  • On 20/12/2023, the Wulfinghstraat in Paramaribo will probably be closed for traffic due to the court hearing at the courthouse in the same street. Closing of the main road, ‘Henck Arronstraat’, is also possible but not expected

  • On 20/12/2023 police will be on high alert because of chances of social unrest or looting

  • The police will deploy static and dynamic roadblocks on strategic points in and around Paramaribo. These will be on the main roads and bridges leading to the capital. Extra security measures will also be taken at utility state companies such as SWM (water management company), Telesur (Telecommunication), EAS (energy company). 

Concluding notes: 

Both case outcomes of guilty and not guilty are possible in the verdict and both may have consequences for social unrest. Individual actions of any supporters or opposition always remain unpredictable. Therefore, the chances for social unrest are present but hard to predict. 

Early warning Suriname 20_12_2023
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