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Conflict Monitoring Report - January 2024

Written by Iris de Boer, Kevin Heller, Alessia Cappelletti, Roos Nijmeijers

  • Russia-Ukraine: New Russian eastern front wide offensive and multiple (Ukrainian) aircraft attacks. 

  • Israel-Hamas-Hezbollah: The fighting slowly moved away from Gaza City and into the north of Khan Yunis. Rapid decline of humanitarian situation in Gaza.

  • Myanmar: The Military junta lost ground to guerilla groups across the north of Myanmar and carried out attacks on Chinese soil.

  • Houthis-US/UK: The US and UK responded to Houthi attacks in the Red Sea by formation of international naval fleet and series of strikes on Houthi military installations in Yemen.

  • Ethiopia-Somalia: Tensions in the Horn of Africa surge after Somaliland and Ethiopia signed port MoU and Somaliland announced its potential recognition by Ethiopia. 

  • Pakistan-Iran: Terrorist attacks lead to increase in tensions between Pakistan and Iran. The tensions resolved through diplomatic channels. 

  • North Korea: Closer cooperation between Russia and North Korea. Reports of North Korean weapons used in Ukraine.

  • DR Congo: Irregularities during presidential elections. Increase in violence in eastern Congo.

  • Ecuador: State of emergency in Ecuador due to increasing influence of cartels and crime syndicates. 

  • Haiti: Increase in violence in capital Port-au-Prince. Prime minister under judicial and political scrutiny. Opposition called for strikes if the Prime Minister does not resign.


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