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Willem de Bruin

Geopolitical Security Advisor

After completing his military service with the Dutch Royal Navy, Willem de Bruin joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During his 43-year career in the Foreign Service, he has served in 13 diplomatic and consular Missions in Europe, Asia and Australasia.

Willem was posted at embassies in high risk areas like Beijing (Tiananmen uprising), Tehran (Islamic revolution and Iraq – Iran war) and a five-year posting in Islamabad where, as First Secretary of the Embassy he led a team detecting corruption and fraud within the local Administration with the aim of preventing identity fraud, illegal migration and people smuggling to Europe .

Upon completing of his assignment in Pakistan he was appointed Head of the Department of Special Investigations at the Security Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Willem completed his official career as Netherlands Dty Consul-General in Sydney (Australia.)

This international background enables Dyami to test facts and circumstances in studies with a foreign aspect in a broader context as well as from an intercultural perspective.

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