Rob Aarssen

Security Consultant

Rob Aarssen
Security Consultant

Rob has 43 years of experience at the Dutch Department of Defense as a security officer, and is now a physical security specialist at Dyami. His extensive experience is available to assist companies with advice on the physical protection of their crown jewels.

He started at Air Force Security and after four years switched to the Royal Netherlands Navy, with the Marine Security Corps. (MBK) Here he held management positions for 18 years. Since 2006 he has been a security advisor with the Royal Netherlands Navy.

After a number of years, he switched to the organization in The Hague as an advisor and since 2010 working as an advisor at the Defense Surveillance and Security Organization. (DBBO) This organization works defense-wide, in other words for all defense units, army, air force, navy, marechaussee and civilian units. From this organization he also advised all defense units to a greater or lesser extent. Specialized in the OBE mix, Organizational Structural and Electronic security measures.

Rob has been involved in various major defense projects, such as the redesign of the security of the former Soesterberg airbase, now Camp New Amsterdam, but also broadly involved Defense in the renewal of electronic security. He transfers his knowledge by providing information to security officers within defense.

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