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Meggi Deltrap

Head of Business Development

In her role as Head of Business Development at Dyami, Meggi Deltrap can unite her academic background, work experience, and personal interests with her hands-on mentality and aspirational career path.

In her position, Meggi serves as a social bridge builder where she connects the security intelligence field with small and medium-sized enterprises, public authorities, and private institutions. In making the just translation of our services, she considers listening, human comprehension, and putting the wishes of our partners always in the first place as the three key factors of successfully doing business. In this way, she represents the social enterprise Dyami is.

Meggi holds a MA degree in History of International Relations at the University of Amsterdam and in Foreign Affairs at the Clingendael Institute at the Hague. In combination with her work experience at the executive staff at the Dutch Ministry of Defense, she has built up a valuable social network and has some good knowledge of the ins and outs of the intelligence and security sector. Meggi can bring all these aspects to the table in focussing on elevating our company to the next level.

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