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Charlotte Bakker

Trainer Actress and Dyami Academy Contributor

Charlotte Bakker is a versatile training actress at Dyami Academy, bringing experience and creativity to the realm of security and awareness improvement. With a strong foundation in theater and a background as a director of theater shows, Charlotte seamlessly blends her theatrical talents with her commitment to enhancing security awareness across diverse organizations, including the aviation sector, businesses, and NGOs.

Charlotte's journey in the world of performing arts began in theater, where her passion for storytelling and captivating audiences ignited. Her experience as a director of theater shows honed her skills in creating compelling narratives and engaging performances, which she now leverages in her role as a training actress.

As part of Dyami Academy, Charlotte is dedicated to developing scenarios that serve as invaluable tools for improving security and awareness. Her ability to craft immersive and lifelike scenarios allows organizations to train their personnel effectively and prepare for a wide range of security-related challenges.

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