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Bert van Eijk

Security Expert & Trainer

During his long career at the Dutch Royal Military Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee), Bert has held various positions within Schiphol Border Control, Schiphol Investigation, Police Service, General Aviation, and the assessment of possible risks on scheduled flights based on passenger data. (API/PNR)

He worked for 11 years in the Schiphol team, a partnership between Koninklijke Marechaussee and Customs. Through covert observations, he specialized in identifying criminal activities within outbound passenger flows.

In addition, he has initiated and co-organized international actions based on his expertise, with a view to crime within the outbound passenger flows, in which various countries have participated.

He has been active nationally and internationally for GA in the field of awareness (including Project Eyes&Ears) and for the Netherlands in the field of adapting legislation in order to receive flight information within GA completely and timely. (Advance Gendec Information)

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