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Jan-Peter van Viegen Assumes Role as Head of Aviation at Dyami

Jan-peter van Viegen - head of aviation at Dyami
Jan-peter van Viegen - head of aviation at Dyami

Utrecht, September 2023 – Dyami, a leading provider of aviation security solutions, is proud to announce the appointment of Jan-Peter van Viegen as Head of Aviation. With an illustrious career spanning two decades in various facets of aviation, Jan-Peter brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Dyami team.

Jan-Peter's extensive background encompasses flight operations, business aviation, flight training, safety, and compliance. He has held various key positions in the aviation sector, starting as an operations officer and working his way up to roles such as assistant flight operations manager and security & compliance officer. Most recently, he served as a senior inspector at CAA-NL (Civil Aviation Authority Netherlands).

Moreover, Jan-Peter boasts significant experience as a commercial pilot and flight instructor, specializing in aircraft like the Challenger 350/604 and Embraer Phenom 100/300. He has also contributed as a training developer and instructor trainer.

With this diverse range of skills and a comprehensive understanding of aviation, Jan-Peter has a unique perspective on the aviation industry's multifaceted challenges and the ability to translate these into practical solutions.

Jan-Peter van Viegen's role at Dyami will involve close collaboration with the aviation community, where he will represent Dyami's cutting-edge aviation security solutions. Dyami offers a One-Stop Aviation Security Solution aimed at assisting aviation security officers and dispatchers in enhancing their capabilities, optimizing operations, and reinforcing security measures.

The Dyami solution is designed to provide an affordable and holistic approach to security risk management, ultimately resulting in more secure and efficient airline and charter operations. In an environment marked by evolving security threats and complex regulatory requirements, this solution is essential in ensuring the safety and security of passengers, crew, and assets.

Dyami membership offers access to a range of products and services tailored to build secure, compliant, and resilient aviation organizations. These bespoke services, linked to membership, are available on-demand through a single contract and subscription fee.

Jan-Peter van Viegen's appointment underscores Dyami's commitment to delivering cutting-edge aviation security solutions and further solidifies its position as a trusted partner in the aviation industry.

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About Dyami

Dyami is a leading provider of aviation security solutions. With a commitment to enhancing aviation safety and security, Dyami offers a comprehensive One-Stop Aviation Security Solution that empowers aviation security officers and dispatchers to navigate the complex landscape of aviation security with confidence. Dyami's mission is to provide affordable and holistic security risk management solutions that enhance the security and efficiency of airline and charter operations. Dyami membership includes access to a range of tailored products and services designed to build secure, compliant, and resilient aviation organizations.

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