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Dyami Early Warning for International Security

Introducing DEWIS

DEWIS, or Dyami Early Warning for International Security, is an initiative of Dyami, created to research and investigate the most recent world development that could threaten international security.


The DEWIS working group aims to allow young professionals to voice and demonstrate their analytical capabilities in the field of conflict analysis.

Meet the DEWIS team below!

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Bob Rehorst
Bob Rehorst


Bob Rehorst is a field-tested anthropologist and conflict analyst. He has extensive field experience in the Levant-Middle East region, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

He holds a Graduate Degree in Conflict Studies and Human Rights, and an Undergraduate Degree in Cultural Anthropology, both from Utrecht University. 

Having the combined experience of Academia and fieldwork, Bob has a dynamic understanding of conflict, geopolitics and global security. Bob specialises in pattern recognition and global crises.

Alessia Cappelletti
Alessia Cappelletti


Alessia is an aviation enthusiast and conflict analyst who recently graduated in Conflict Studies and Human Rights. Coming from a family of experienced travelers, she hopped on her first flight when she was three months old and hasn’t stopped since. As a result of these numerous travels and experiences abroad, Alessia is comfortable in intercultural environments and understands the importance of security awareness.

She has field experience in South America, Colombia especially, which makes her largely acquainted with the security challenges of the Latin American context. She is particularly interested in the issues posed by criminal organizations and illegal trading and their effect on aviation and personal security. Her expertise range from conflict analysis and investigation to human rights protection and criminality.

Anastasija Kuznecova

RESEARCH ANALYST - Latin America & Caribbean​

Anastasija is a student at the MA program in Conflict Studies and Human Rights at Utrecht University. With an Undergraduate Degree from University of Oslo in Development Studies, a specialisation in Political Science, as well as various courses in Latin American Studies and Criminology, Anastasija is experienced in interdisciplinary research and analysis.  

She has field experience from Chile, Jamaica and the Balkans, and her interests include issues concerning social inequality, discrimination, and conflict escalation. With her combined practical experience and academic knowledge, Anastasija has a broad understanding of security, development, and human rights. 

Ruben Pfeijffer

RESEARCH ANALYST - Europe & North America​

Ruben is a graduated anthropologist who currently follows the MA program Conflict Studies and Human Rights at Utrecht University. While working on his bachelor thesis in the Netherlands during the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, Ruben gained experience with conducting ethnographic research under the challenging circumstances of the pandemic, and has learned to be adaptable with his research methods.


He grew up with a fascination for historic conflict and likes to make field trips to famous battle sites together with his father. His current interest lies primarily in disinformation campaigns, conspiracy theories and online fringe communities. 

Puck Holthuis

RESEARCH ANALYST - Asia & Pacific​

Puck is a master student Conflict Studies & Human Rights at Utrecht University. She recently relocated back to The Netherlands after living abroad since 2006. During that time, she spent many years in South Africa and China. Puck continues to develop her passion for analysis; studying foreign cultures and using that to strengthen her intercultural communication skills.


She combines her love for writing with her analytical capabilities, shaping an ambitious young professional with global insights. 

Chiara Longmore


Chiara is originally from Scotland; however, she has moved to the Netherlands to complete a master’s at Leiden University in International Relations and Diplomacy.


With an interdisciplinary background, her bachelor’s was in Liberal Arts, she has analysed situations of violence and conflict with a multi-disciplinary framework, in particular with Political Science, Anthropology, and Sociology. Through this, she developed an interest in the local level context of conflict, particularly when asking why or how violent conflicts emerge.