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Dyami Early Warning for International Security

Introducing DEWIS

DEWIS, or Dyami Early Warning for International Security, is an initiative of Dyami, created to research and investigate the most recent world development that could threaten international security.


The DEWIS working group aims to allow young professionals to voice and demonstrate their analytical capabilities in the field of conflict analysis.

Meet the DEWIS team below!

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Alessia Cappelletti
Alessia Cappelletti

Alessia is Intelligence Analyst and Project Manager of DEWIS. She has field experience in South America and she has conducted research on geopolitical shifts, especially Russian and Chinese interests in South and Central America and organized crime and illicit flows around the world. Her academic background includes conflict analysis, international humanitarian law, human rights protection, and criminology.

Thomas Courtier
Thomas Courtier

Thomas Courtier is a recent master’s graduate from the War Studies department of King’s College London. He has dedicated the better part of a decade to studying the intricacies of irregular-warfare across Africa, the Middle-East, and Asia. Coincidently, many of his studies focused on the effects of aerial warfare in asymmetric environments, which has aided him in his work at Dyami. In his free time Thomas runs, cycles, and enjoys reading.