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Unveil the future

Bespoke geopolitical forecasting membership

Your chief geopolitical officer

Uncertainty and volatility have become the norm in today's interconnected world. Staying ahead of geopolitical risks is paramount as businesses and organizations navigate a complex global landscape. Introducing our cutting-edge Geopolitical Forecasting and Risk Intelligence Membership, your compass to success in these turbulent times! 


Membership at Dyami gives you access to a range of products and services to build a secure, compliant, and resilient organization. Our bespoke services linked to your membership are available on demand through a single contract and subscription fee.

Why are our risk services vital

1. Safeguard Your Investments

In an ever-changing world, political and economic dynamics can impact your investments significantly. Our Geopolitical Risk Services help you identify potential hotspots and mitigate risks, ensuring your investments remain resilient and lucrative.


2. Navigate Global Expansion

Understanding geopolitical risks is essential for companies eyeing international expansion. We provide in-depth analysis, highlighting potential challenges and opportunities in new markets and empowering your global expansion strategies.


3. Fortify Supply Chains

Global supply chains face constant disruptions due to geopolitical events. Our services help you identify vulnerable points in your supply chain, enabling you to implement robust contingency plans and maintain seamless operations.

4. Make Informed Decisions

Informed decisions are the bedrock of successful ventures. Our Geopolitical Risk Services deliver real-time insights into geopolitical developments, enabling you to make prudent choices and stay ahead of the competition.


5. Ensure Business Continuity

Geopolitical risks can cause unexpected disruptions, threatening the very continuity of your business. Our services provide actionable strategies to protect your business from adverse geopolitical shocks.

6. Reputation Management

Geopolitical risks can impact public perceptions of your brand. By understanding and navigating these risks, you safeguard your reputation and build trust among customers, partners, and stakeholders.


7. Embrace Opportunities

Geopolitical risks are not just about challenges but also unique opportunities for growth and innovation. Our services help you identify untapped potential in emerging markets and harness them to your advantage.

Inform your decision-makers

Partner with us today! We genuinely believe in working with our clients in a close partnership. With our Geopolitical Risk Services Membership by your side, you'll be prepared to embrace the future confidently.


Let us be your strategic ally in navigating the dynamic geopolitical landscape, so you can focus on what you do best.

Geopolitics Dyami Services
Safeguard your investments
Unveil the future
Some of our clients
Kevin Heller - Dyami Analyst

We are committed to making quality analysis on key global issues accessible and affordable.

Kevin Heller - Senior Intelligence Analyst

Anticipate with dyami
Make informed decisions

Our diverse and international expert team provides the insights you need to proactively address risk and ensures you stay on top of the geopolitical risk landscape.

Therefore enabling your operation while keeping your staff safe and secure.

How Dyami provides peace of mind

Dyami helps organisations protect themselves, their employees and the people they arrange travel for when traveling abroad. In addition to actual protective measures on a trip, a solid foundation at the organisational level is needed. 

We are all about making worrying about security a thing of the past for your organisation and providing a seamless service for you and those who travel in your care.

Ensuring safe & secure travel
  • Design and implement secure travel policies & procedures

  • Travel advice and risk assessments

  • Briefings on espionage and situational awareness

  • Train your travel managers and travelers regarding security, safety awareness, and resilience

  • Provide physical protection of people and assets

  • Emergency response and local evacuation

  • Continuous monitoring and alerting of conflict zones

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