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Aircraft Maintenance

Aviation Security

Aircraft &
Crew Protection

Physical protection for your assets

In-Flight Protection

For high-risk missions, Dyami provides physical protection on board the aircraft for the entire flight, including pre-flight and post-flight.

One or more of our trained specialists will accompany your crew on the flight for the protection of your crew and passengers.

On-Ground Protection

On the ground, Dyami's aviation security specialists provide protection of crew and aircraft. 

Our specialists can be sent ahead of time for pre-mission reconnaissance of the airport and surroundings as well as create a security plan prior to arrival.

On arrival, our specialist can protect the crew as they head to their accommodations and/or stay with the aircraft for around-the-clock protection.

Team Dyami highlight
Sander van Genderen
Sander van Genderen


Sander has extensive experience in various roles in the aviation, travel and security industry. 

He has gained experience working for Dyami and other security firms over the years, becoming a security expert focusing on high-risk security, personal protection, and awareness of terrorism, travel risk, and espionage. 

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