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Alessia Cappelletti

Global Intelligence Analyst

Alessia Cappelletti is a highly skilled Intelligence Analyst and Project Manager at Dyami, where she excels in researching and analyzing security threats at both operational and global levels. She has a wealth of experience in managing investigations, identifying security-related issues in volatile environments, and analysing recent (international) security trends.

In addition to her research experience, she has a significant amount of field experience in South America, where she has conducted research on geopolitical shifts, specifically Russian and Chinese interests in South and Central America, as well as organized crime and illicit flows around the world. Her academic background is well-rounded, with a strong foundation in conflict analysis, international humanitarian law, human rights protection, and criminology, which enables her to provide insightful and accurate analysis on a wide range of security issues. She is also an experienced liaison and HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) trainer for NGO clients, providing them with the knowledge and training necessary to operate safely in high-risk environments.

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