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Adriaan Kolkman

Junior Security Risk & Intelligence Analyst

Adriaan is currently enrolled in the master Global Studies program at Göteborg University in Sweden. At Dyami, Adriaan is undertaking his internship and thesis in which he will be researching the Dutch, Danish and Swedish government enterprise agencies approaches on how to deal with doing business in non-western states.
Previously, Adriaan completed a bachelor in Safety & Security Management at Avans University of Applied Sciences. During his bachelor's he completed an internship abroad in Suriname and conducted a thesis at the Dutch Police on the topic of subversive undermining crime.
Within Dyami, Adriaan contributes to the international work culture with his Swedish/Dutch nationality and having previously lived in Gabon, Oman and Syria during his youth. Over the last three years he has gained experience in the physical security industry working for a private security company as a Security Consultant in Suriname.

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