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Dyami partners with Pro-Intell

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

As we encounter a changing world. Businesses conducting operations in the global economy require more insights to survive and thrive successfully.

To support our clients in this complex environment, Dyami Strategic Security and Pro-Intell are combining their capabilities and resources. Both companies are based in The Netherlands, however, their combined network of sources have a global reach.

The partnership delivers a diverse set of security solutions ranging from Geopolitical Analyses, Emergency Evacuations to Security Consultancy & Training.

The Dyami and Pro-Intell partnership deliver human-centric security solutions that give you the actionable insight you need to ensure your operations can survive and thrive in this uncertain and challenging world.

For organisations that want to protect their people, property and performance against risks, The Dyami - Pro-Intell partnership delivers experienced human-led resilience solutions which identify relevant threats, warn those affected and prescribe what action to take.

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