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About Dyami



Stronger together

We form partnerships with other businesses in order to create better outcomes for our clients. By blending our expertise and capabilities with other specialist providers, clients can be assured that they are getting the best solution at a competitive price.

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Pro Intell

To support our clients in this complex environment, Dyami Strategic Security and Pro-Intell are combining their capabilities and resources. Both companies are based in The Netherlands, however, their combined network of sources have a global reach.

The partnership delivers a diverse set of security solutions ranging from Geopolitical Analyses, Emergency Evacuations to Security Consultancy & Training.

The Dyami and Pro-Intell partnership deliver human-centric security solutions that give you the actionable insight you need to ensure your operations can survive and thrive in this uncertain and challenging world.

For organisations that want to protect their people, property and performance against risks, The Dyami - Pro-Intell partnership delivers experienced human-led resilience solutions which identify relevant threats, warn those affected and prescribe what action to take.

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IB consultancy

Dyami and IB Consultancy have an alliance that brings together the best of our capabilities.

IB Consultancy is an independent defence and security company dedicated to making this world a safer and more secure place. To achieve this they provide rapid, innovative defence and security services to government, trade & industry. 

IB Consultancy has a comprehensive network of stakeholders, lobbyists, subject matter experts, and decision-makers, which has been shaped by highly skilled consultants. They bring with them their networking knowledge from international organizations, national government departments, research institutes, and companies, in support of your business.

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JAA Training Organisation

Dyami provides consultancy and training in the field of aviation security to JAA and its partners. We combine our expertise to protect aviation all over the world.

The Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation (JAA TO) is a non-profit organization and an associated body of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC). JAA TO has a history of more than 46 years of training the Aviation Industry and Authorities for outstanding Safety. JAA TO is the ICAO Regional Training Center of Excellence (RTCE) in Europe and a leading member of the EASA Virtual Academy (EVA).

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PMC Global

Dyami and PMC Global partner in the Caribbean to support national and regional governments, aviation authorities and aviation stakeholders in the safe and successful implementation of aviation policies and operations to ensure a safe and successful growth and expansion.
PMC is a Curacao based consultancy supporting ICAO member states in achieving a globally harmonized implementation of SARPs by ensuring access to qualified aviation professionals to realize significant socio-economic benefits and ensure a safe, secure and reliable aviation system.


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Chapter 8

Dyami and Chapter8 combine to bring world-class expertise to protect your digital crown jewels.

Chapter8 are digital security specialists drawn from the highest levels of state and corporate security professionals.  Chapter8’s unique methodology combines the skills and perspectives of both hackers (Red Team) and defenders (Blue Team). The result, our Purple Team, is worth more than the sum of its parts. It brings about the real change of mindset needed to improve your security over time. Chapter8 assumes breach because no network is completely defensible. That is why we work around your Crown Jewels and make sure that after our five day Mission, we leave you more secure than you were before.

Dyami Partner highlight

Dyami and Safeture partner is their combined mission to make business travel more safe and secure.

Safeture (founded in 2009) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company based in Sweden.
The company offers a complete platform designed to manage employee safety and risk/crisis management.


Through world-leading technology and innovative solutions, Safeture helps almost 4 000 companies and organizations to protect what matters most – their employees.

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