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Greater Balkan area and Poland Situational Report

As of the 24th of February 2022, Russian troops have been conducting offensive military operations within Ukrainian sovereign territory. Non-stop attacks and counter-attacks have impacted multiple cities, infrastructure, and military bases within Ukraine. These recent geopolitical developments have severely alarmed the states immediately neighbouring Ukraine’s western border. For the NATO member states of #Hungary, #Poland, #Romania, and #Slovakia, military support is being routed to their eastern borders as a deterrent for future escalations. In a similar fashion, #Serbia and #Moldova have also put their militaries on high alert for possible overt/covert Russian aggression.

This will have an effect on the countries surrounding Ukraine. That is why we publish this Situational Report for the Greater Balkan Area.

We consider that due to the continued confrontations between Russian and Ukrainian forces, all flights crossing through Balkan airspace remain at risk.

Please read and share our Sitrep below. (mobile browser versions do not always show download)

25/03/2022 Greater Balkan Sitrep Version 1.5 PDF

20220325 Greater Balkan Area 1.5
Download PDF • 529KB

16/03/2022 Greater Balkan Sitrep Version 1.4 PDF

20220316 Greater Balkan Area 1.4
Download PDF • 527KB

05/03/2022 Greater Balkan Sitrep Version 1.3 PDF

20220305 Greater Balkan Area SITREP 1.3
Download PDF • 522KB

01/03/2022 Greater Balkan Sitrep Version 1.2 PDF

20220301 Balkans SITREP 1.2
Download PDF • 514KB

27/02/2022 Greater Balkan Sitrep Version 1.1 PDF

20220227 Balkans SITREP 1.1
Download PDF • 549KB

24/02/2022 Greater Balkan Sitrep Version 1.0 PDF

20220224 Dyami Balkans Sitrep 1.0
Download PDF • 374KB

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