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Former CIA counter-terrorism operations officer joins Team Dyami

Over the past years, Dyami has been building to become one of the major Dutch players in the field of Security Risk & Intelligence Management.

Supporting companies by protecting their people and assets all over the world. To deliver on that mission we attract experts that have the same passion and drive in trying to make this world a safer place.

With pride, We can announce that Mohammad Al-Weshahi will join Dyami | strategic security services as Intelligence Consultant.

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Eric Schouten (CEO Dyami) and Intelligence Expert Mohammad Al-Weshahi

Mr. Al-Weshahi is a counter-terrorism expert, in the business of actionable #intelligence collection aimed at disrupting terrorist activities. He has 26 years of experience working as a counter-terrorism operations officer at the Central Intelligence Agency. He has accumulated liaising experience with more than 55 countries, and he has successfully helped build over 40 counter-terrorism operations projects around the world.

Mr. Al-Weshahi's main drive is to help inoculate future generations against Islamic extremism and thereby ensuring the safety of individuals and communities. As of 2022, Mr. Al-Weshahi started his own consultancy in the Netherlands that offers tradecraft and intelligence training and provides consultancy services in both fields. He joined Team Dyami in April 2022.

Besides supporting our analyst team in creating Intelligence reports (i.e. the aviation sector), Al-Weshahi will also work with our training department and our partner Pro-Intell Security & Intelligence in offering an array of training programs. Educating business travellers to work safe and secure all over the globe.

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