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Andrew Hoffmanns joins Team Dyami as Ethics & Business Integrity specialist

Ethics and integrity, keywords you hear about more and more in the news. As a company, you can no longer avoid setting up an integrity program. Especially if you are going to do business internationally, you will run into a lot of issues.

Dyami is proud to announce that Andrew Hoffmanns has joined Team Dyami. Andrew has gained extensive international experience as an Ethics & Compliance Manager at Basrah Gas Company (Iraq), North Caspian Operating Company (Kazakhstan), Shell, and ExxonMobil. And recently started his company EthXCom.

At Dyami, Andrew will help companies with their ethics and integrity issues, together with Ron Geraets and Willem de Bruin.

This can be done, for example, with a quick scan of your integrity program, so that you immediately know where you stand, what your risks are, and what you can do about it. This is how Dyami and supports your organization with safe business operations.

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