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Dyami delighted to announce EBAA membership

We are proud to announce that Dyami | strategic security services has become a member of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)

This membership enables us to join a group of more than 700 aircraft operators and operational aviation experts.

With our security & intelligence expertise, we will be sharing best practices and offering unique safety and security experiences to EBAA members to the highest standards required by the highly dynamic and challenging business aviation industry.

Dyami provides support to your dispatcher, operations centre or risk manager. To help them anticipate properly and make better critical decisions. Our mission is to enable safe and secure aviation operations.

We also look forward to joining high-profile industry events hosted by the EBAA, that started with our booth at #ebace2022 in Geneva.

Visit our route & destination risk assessment page or contact us at

Many thanks to Robert Baltus and Athar Husain Khan from EBAA.

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