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An overview of the past three months in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Country monitoring & outlook

Over the past three months, Kazakhstan showed important developments in domestic politics, foreign affairs, the economy, and aviation. Short-term motivators for these changes are anchored on the political fallout of the January 2022 protests, the easing of domestic Covid-19 measures, and the ongoing war in Ukraine. Long-term motivators span from a social metamorphosis from Soviet Republic to a prosperous society, a will to de-align from Russian spheres of influence, and a regional inclination to become the center of knowledge, research, commerce, and tourism for Central Asia. While the recently implemented policies by Tokayev's government partially enclose these changes, there is a degree of skepticism as to how true to his policies his government will be. This report should serve as a brief and synthesized overview of the current state of affairs within Kazakhstan, especially useful for those who are currently doing business in or thinking about expanding to the country. You can download here the report. If you have additional questions or require more information, please contact us at

20220819 Update Kazakh Report
Download PDF • 3.22MB

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