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European Pilot Selection & Training selects Dyami as safe & secure travel solutions provider.

Utrecht, 2022-03-25

Dyami | strategic security solutions - announced today that European Pilot Selection & Training (EPST) has added the security firm as their safe & secure travel solutions provider. This partnership will make safety & security - once again - a top priority to the EPST employees and cadet pilots working all over the world.

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Eric Duijkers and Eric Schouten at EPST Headquarters in Utrecht.

The evolving impacts of international instability, the war in Ukraine and other regions in the world brought dramatic changes to the world of travel and put business travellers at an increased risk of harm. There are more risks to business travellers than meet the eye, putting organizations in a more difficult position when it comes to ensuring duty of care.

Eric Duijkers, CEO for EPST:

"EPST understands that they are morally or legally obligated to fulfil a duty of care to their employees and pilot cadets regardless of location."

Eric Schouten, CEO for Dyami:

"This duty of care requires them to make decisions that benefit the company while preserving the health, safety, security and wellbeing of employees and students – in office or while travelling."

Dyami will provide #EPST with risk alerts and information across the globe, combined with access to 24/7 security support.

Next to that, Dyami will design and implement secure travel policy/procedures and if required; provide emergency response and local evacuation.

Both companies are based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

For additional information, visit: (EN) (Dutch)

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