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Security expert Remco Slijkhuis joins Dyami

We are proud to announce that we have added another expert to team Dyami. Remco Slijkhuis provides consulting and project management expertise to our security solutions for security in the public domain.

Remco Slijkhuis worked for more than 10 years in the airport industry. Expert in baggage handling, Security Policy, and Security R&D.

He implemented Std 3 Baggage Scanners in an existing baggage handling system and was one of the team members who developed de Security Lane at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

In his last role as Security Manager at Lelystad Airport part of the Royal Schiphol Group) he developed an airport security program (ASP), started projects to implement CCTV and Access Control, and had a big role in Landside (public) Security Planning and Realisation.


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