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Exclusive partnership between Schiphol Travel International and Dyami

Further specialization of STI services with regard to risk management for business travel

Schiphol, 8 May 2023

As of June 1, 2023, Schiphol Travel International (STI) is Dyami's exclusive TMC partner. Dyami Strategic Security Services is an expert in strategic international security. The partnership enables STI to provide the most advanced Duty of Care services to its clients.

These services include up-to-date destination analyses and tailor-made travel advice. This involves looking at the local and geopolitical situation and various security risks including, for example, espionage threats. Based on this, the traveller can receive advice for optimal preparation for the trip. The collaboration also offers Travel Managers the opportunity to audit their travel policy on the basis of an individual risk assessment.

In order to be able to offer this specialist service to all STI relations, Dyami will share knowledge and provide awareness training for the STI Account Managers, after which they are certified.

Dyami Strategic Security Services founder & Director - Eric Schouten:

“Strategic security is a means for companies to do business safely and successfully. We notice, however, that many companies underestimate the risks for their travelling employees, while there is a growing need for reliable information regarding security risks for business travel. The cooperation with Schiphol Travel as an exclusive TMC partner will make a positive contribution to an active awareness of security risk management."

Schiphol Travel International Commercial Director - Arlette van Bezu:

“In these unstable times with geopolitical tensions in the world, we notice that our customers are faced with complex security issues for their travellers. Schiphol Travel takes Duty of Care and, therefore, the duty of care towards its customers very seriously. In addition to our own emergency team and traveller tracking system, the addition of real-time Dyami

intelligence to further perfect our Duty of Care services. After following the training sessions and with the daily support of the Dyami team, we are even better able to send our travellers safely on their journey. We see a huge added value in our services, especially at this time.

For more information

Schiphol Travel International

Phone: +31-20-4055275



About Dyami

Dyami is a strategic security provider with a hands-on mentality. We have a team of in-house analysts and experts in all areas of international security. Our background includes intelligence services, defence, foreign affairs, travel industry and aviation.

By offering our security-as-a-service subscriptions, we help companies conduct business safely, securely and successfully.

Eric Schouten - +31-30-207 2120

About Schiphol Travel International

Schiphol Travel is an exclusive 5-star business travel organization specialized in professional

services to medium and large multinationals. Schiphol Travel offers an exclusive product through personal services supported by innovative IT solutions and (video) reports and is affiliated with the Global Network of Travel Leaders.

For more information:

Arlette van Bezu – +31-20-4055275

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