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Annick Dingemans in JASON Institute 35 under 35 magazine

We are so proud of our talented operations manager and security professional Annick Dingemans who is featured in the special edition of JASON Institute Magazine. Covering this generation's voice on #peace and #security issues

>> 35 under 35.

In this special edition of the magazine, JASON Institute featured 35 young professionals who work in the field of peace and security and are under the age of 35. The institute decided to approach the field of security broadly. So, besides geopolitical analysts and members of the Dutch Armed Forces, you will also find experts in climate security and journalists in this magazine.

As JASON is an organisation by and for young professionals, the purpose of this list is to give this generation a platform and let different voices be heard on the most pressing issues of our time. The people on this list are the ones that we will need to get through current crises and secure a future for the generations to come. We need them now more than ever.

Read more in the JASON online edition,

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