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Eric Schouten

CEO & Founder

Dyami's founder Eric Schouten has a 13-year career working for the Dutch general intelligence and security service. Gaining a successful background in security threats and countermeasures.

As a liaison to the aviation security sector he helped secure airport and airline operations. He was involved in establishing the Dutch national expert group for overflights of conflict zones and founded and participated in many other security-related working groups.

He is skilled in crisis management and enabling his network to work on common goals and challenges. In 2021 Eric formed a team that supported over 250 people who needed help in Kabul, Afghanistan to get to the Airport in order to catch one of the military evacuation flights.

Using his communication and instructional skills he trained thousands of trainees in security awareness programs.

After registering Dyami, Eric formed an ambitious team of analysts and very experienced hand-picked experts from his expansive network.

The team goal is not only to be able to provide a range of security & intelligence services but also to find the right mix of people, personality and entrepeneurial team spirit that makes Dyami a human-centric organisation.

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