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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Dyami and IB Consultancy combined their knowledge to provide consulting services to help your airline and airport navigate and implement new safety norms during and beyond the COVID–19 pandemic.

The ultimate goal is to safely restart your aviation operation.

This pandemic will take time to abate, and we must all learn to adapt accordingly. When travel resumes it may be a slow and sporadic process. 

In order to start-up operations and to reassure travelers and crew, appropriate measures have to be put in place to safeguard their journey and more broadly facilitate cross-border travels.

We offer our service to guide this whole adaptation process, from strategic intelligence to implementation, and to assist your company in shaping the future of the market and restarting its activity. To achieve this goal, we contribute to the discussions by introducing measures, products, and technologies that are essential for the COVID–19 response.

What do we offer? We offer you clarity on the different kinds of solutions available today, from protective masks to testing equipment, to help you making the right decision with the best information on the current protective equipment market. 

We give orientation to airline employees like cockpit- and cabin crew, ground personnel, and passengers on the use of personal protective gear and medically approved material.

We support you in the implementation of standard operating procedures such as the boarding process and customer service.

Finally, we provide guidance in developing your action plan and gaining its approval from the relevant authorities.

Contact us now on how we can help you to restart your business.

About IB Consultancy

IB Consultancy is an independent defense and security company dedicated to making this world a safer and more secure place. To achieve this we provide rapid, innovative defense and security services to government, trade & industry. Our services are always fully tailored to meet your requirements, helping you reach your objectives.

IB Consultancy has a comprehensive network of stakeholders, lobbyists, subject matter experts, and decision-makers, which has been shaped by our highly skilled consultants. They bring with them their networking knowledge from international organizations, national government departments, research institutes, and companies, in support of your business.

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Airline Health Navigation Consultancy
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