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When doing any type of business abroad, it is essential to have a real-time, clear view of the local situation of the party your are doing business with. This party can be a division of your organisation or a partner, supplier or client.

It is also a vital step in your due diligence in the planning phase of an international venture or partnership.


Dyami delivers two types of worldwide local threat analysis (WLTA) reports:

  1. Continuous Conflict Zone Analysis and Monitoring

    • ​For all our clients​​

    • Continuously updated in real-time

    • Real-time alerting to clients in case of increased threat levels

  2. Client-specific WLTA reports for any location on earth

    • Only for the contracting client​

    • Continuously updated or one-off, as per the clients specifications

    • Focus on specific aspects related to the client

    • Real-time alerting only when WLTA is continuously updated

What's in our reports

Each report contains a basic set of elements. For client-specific reports, additional elements may be included. 

Every report is in-depth and as complete as possible but in a clearly readable format, even for people without a background in security. This is necessary for you to be able to get a quick grasp of the situation, anticipate and make the right decisions quickly.

Doing (new) business abroad without a Dyami WLTA report is a risk you should never take.

Report focus and elements
  • Storyline of current situation and trends

  • National and regional risk assessment

  • Special alerts

  • Political / Geopolitical situation

  • Ethnic conflicts

  • Social unrest

  • Crime

  • Kidnapping

  • Corruption

  • Espionage

  • Terrorism

  • Violence

  • Sexual violence

  • Anti-LGBTQ sentiments

  • Gender-biased sentiments

  • Cultural considerations

  • Health risks (including COVID-19)

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