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Worldwide Destination Analysis

Our tailored Dyami Insight analysis reports help you understand the country you are operating in.


We help identify risk associated with conducting commerce or operations in specific regions.

Strategic operational intelligence

Based on your specific operational needs, we develop a personalised combination of reports that can include:

  • full country risk assessments

  • country risk update briefs

  • special alerts

  • Dyami insight briefs


all covering distinct opportunities and challenges for your global commercial activities.

Security Services
Team of analysts

Our reports are compiled by a team of high-skilled analysts with a background in conflict studies, sustainability, intelligence, cultural anthropology, and international business.


These specialties are directly relevant to your organization. Supporting your operation. Our strategic intelligence allows you to present an accurate picture of upcoming strategies, expansion plans, new market opportunities, partnerships, and investments to your executives, auditors, and even your board of directors.

The solutions offered by Dyami provide accessible, broad and deep insight into issues affecting your business.

Commercial Intelligence

Expanding into the international market can be a great way for companies to grow their profits. However, the process isn’t without risks. A lack of knowledge concerning local threats can result in unintended and disadvantageous consequences for your business. Fortunately, these risks can be countered as much as possible by conducting reconnaissance in the surroundings in which you want to do business.


Our team can be your sensor and provide you with relevant 'ground-truth' intelligence which supports the identification and clarification of existing and emerging risks to your business operations and assets. 

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