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Strategic Security

World of espionage course

Behind the scenes

Learn more about intelligence agencies

In March 2022, the Dutch government expelled 17 Russian intelligence officers from the Netherlands. The spies were involved in espionage activities aimed at businesses and organisations based in The Netherlands.


Why is this so important for businesses?
What exactly is espionage?
How do the intelligence services work?
What are they looking for?


In two days, the student gains in-depth insight into the intelligence profession and the different phases of the so-called intelligence cycle.


Provided with a rich amount of experience, we ensure that the student becomes more resilient during their own work in your company and during activities abroad.

World of espionage
UNIQUE COURSE by experts who have sound experience in the
intelligence environment.
Knowledge transfer by experts

All our instructors have outstanding qualifications and sound experience. They have the ability to create an open, respectful atmosphere that encourages knowledge transfers, and take pride in sharing their expertise with you. They are former employees of, among others, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ), the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Listen to their inspiring experience stories and expertise.

What will you learn?
  • Intelligence: theory and practice

  • What is espionage?

  • Why are countries and organizations doing this?

  • The intelligence cycle

  • Methods of information gathering

  • How do informants and agents operate

  • Counterintelligence

  • Espionage and situational awareness

  • Make yourself and your organization resilient

  • Business travel preparations

Who should take this course

Anyone who works with sensitive (company) information, business travelers, medium and senior level management.


At the end of this course you will be able to better protect the crown jewels of your organization.

On-Location training

Our experienced trainers are more than happy to provide training sessions at a location of your choice. 

Alternatively, we can provide the course at our training location in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Register yourself or your team now. Join a planned course or we will provide tailor-made training for your organization.

Feel free to contact us for more information or registration!

You can also call > +31 30 207 2120

Team Dyami highlight
Ron Geraets
Ron Geraets


At the Dutch Foreign Affairs, Ron held the position of Director of Security Services and Crisis Management. He regularly travelled to risk areas. Over the years, he has built up a large national and international network in the field of intelligence and security.

Dyami's founder Eric Schouten has a 13-year career working for the Dutch general intelligence and security service. Gaining a successful background in security threats and countermeasures.

He is skilled in crisis management and enabling his network to work on common goals and challenges.

"Dyami is my vision for strategic security with an entrepreneurial startup mindset. It is not our job to tell organisations what they should want. It's our job to provide organisations with the support they need.

Strategic security is not a burden on organisations, it is an enabler of safe and successful entrepreneurship!"

Eric Schouten


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