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About Dyami

The Dyami


Security by and for entrepreneurs

The vision of Dyami

Dyami is the Native American word for eagle, the majestic bird of prey. Strong, elegant and with a razor sharp eye for the big picture as well as the tiniest detail below.

Dyami was formally established in The Netherlands in 2020 by Eric Schouten, Dutch intelligence and security expert.

Every successful product or service is an answer to a question, a need or a problem to be solved. So the design of Dyami started with that question: which problem needs solving in the realm of corporate security?

The answer is simple: Companies need a much more entrepreneurial approach to security. A security provider that thinks in terms of opportunities, chances, success and growth.

Establishing Team Dyami

After registering Dyami, Eric formed an ambitious team of analysts and very experienced hand-picked experts from his expansive network.

The team goal is not only to be able to provide the full range of services but also to find the right mix of people, personality and entrepeneurial team spirit that makes Dyami unbeatable.

Eric Schouten


"Dyami is my vision for strategic security with an entrepeneurial startup mindset. It is not our job to tell organisations what they should want. It's our job to provide organisations with the support they need.

Strategic security is not a burden on organisations, it is an enabler of safe and successful entrepreneurship!"

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