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Corporate Security for your organisation

Is corporate security really necessary?

Good question. Let's look at it this way. If you have something that others might want, you would be wise to arrange some way to protect you and the thing they want from you.


It could be a nice watch, a TV or a nice piece of jewellery. If you can live with the loss of one of those things, then by all means, don't be careful and don't insure it. But if it is a watch that has been in your family for 100 years, you are probably going to be more careful.

The same is true for your business or organisation. If there is nothing there for anyone to steal, you probably don't need corporate security. But most organisations have something that defines the value of the organisation, for example, intellectual property or very sensitive data. And theft or loss of it would not only impact you, but a lot of people who rely on your organisation as employees or have otherwise invested in your organisation.

In that case, YES. You need some form of corporate security.

Our clients are..

Our clients are very varied but usually one or more of the aspects in the following list are applicable to them:

  • Innovative startups and organisations

  • Organisations who do business internationally (or plan to)

  • NGO's and international non-profits

  • Investors, investing in the organisations mentioned above

  • Travel organisations (business and leisure)

  • Aviation operators and companies

What is Dyami Strategic Corporate Security?

This is how we define corporate security:


Integral protection of the most valuable assets (IP, data, people, facilities, equipment, inventory) of an organisation at all points where these assets may be compromised, damaged or stolen.

This protection is achieved through implementation of policies and procedures, training of personnel, cyber security, facility security, risk and threat management, physical protection and more.

Strategic Security makes all the difference

Notice how above, we defined corporate security, not Strategic (Corporate) Security.

The "strategic" part is what sets Dyami apart from traditional security companies.

What we mean with Strategic Corporate Security is that we connect with our clients on a strategic level. Instead of security being one of the last things considered when making plans, it is now one of the first considerations.

The result of this is incredible — it opens up opportunities that would have otherwise been too risky or dangerous.

Dyami is run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. That means that we understand the challenges that businesses face and we work together to ensure organisations thrive, grow and succeed!

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