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Calling all

Your startup is a target

Bringing your innovative vision to life is what gives you energy and motivation. Worrying about threats and risks probably does not.

Our mission at Dyami is to free you from worry about these threats and risks and let you focus on what you do best: innovate, develop and do business successfully and safely. This goes beyond just cyber security — more on that later — because the more innovative your company is, the more others want to get hold of your intellectual property (IP).

Espionage and IP/data-theft may sound like the subjects of a suspenseful movie, but these threats are real. And getting worse every day.

Dyami’s background and international connection to intelligence agencies enable us to observe and analyze the current situation.


Not only companies working on COVID-19 solutions are currently under heavy threat of espionage, almost all pharma and biotech companies are, or will be. Foreign competitors and regimes are actively out to get any IP that will give them a political and monetary advantage.

Fortunately, we are here to help: A tailor-made solution for maximum protection for your organization.

Protection abroad

Even though meetings are more digital and remote than ever, travel will remain an essential part of doing business internationally. It’s very important that you and your people can travel safely. Not just for your personal safety, but also with regards to keeping your IP and data safe.

Focus on opportunities and growth

As an ambitious organization, you are focused on seizing opportunities and growing your business. This does not really match the language of traditional security companies, who focus on the negative aspects of doing business.

Dyami is run by entrepreneurs, for entrepeneurs. We understand the challenges and rewards involved in starting and running a business. That's why we focus on enabling you to do business successfully and safely, besides taking care of safeguarding you against those negative aspects. Our approach is at the strategic level, in the early stages of new plans and opportunities.

Cyber Security alone is NOT enough

Cyber security is all the rage. Hackers, ransomware, data leaks all dominate corporate news. There is a myriad of companies that will gladly help you protect you against cyber threats. Including Dyami.


And let us explain why cyber security protection is not enough. At all.

Your own, affordable security department

For the price less than that of a dedicated full-time security officer, you have the entire Dyami team at your disposal. Consider us your own security department!

Most services are included in our different subscription levels, starting at just € 99 per month for a minimum sign-up period of 6 months.